How to Stay Safe at the Beach

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How to Stay Safe at the Beach

The north Wales coastline is one of the most beautiful in the world and every year, thousands of people enjoy their summer holidays here. But we want everyone to be safe at the beach so here’s what the RNLI say we should do to stay safe.

#1 Do your research

Not all beaches are the same and if you fancy more than a paddle in the sea, you’ll need to check out the tides and rip currents. Rips are incredibly strong and are almost impossible to out swim. By knowing about the beach and where the rips are, you can avoid them.

#2 Be VERY careful with inflatables

They look fun in the shop but inflatables are not really robust enough for the sea. Even on a calm day, you can be carried out to sea on an inflatable without realising. This is because the waves will move you out and with a gentle breeze, you’ll be further out than you think and quicker than you think too!

#3 Look after your skin

Sun, sea and sand is hard on your skin so here’s what you need to do:

  • Wear sun cream, even if it is a dull day
  • Shower at the end of the day at the beach as sand can be hard on the skins
  • Use a good quality moisturiser cream at the end of the day too

#4 Leave valuables at home

Phones, tablets, money…. They are easy to swipe and with you paddling at the water’s edge, thieves can act in seconds. Other than a picnic, a good book and some shade, there is nothing more you need at the beach!

#4 Take some shade

Beaches are open spaces and this means that when the sun is beating down, you could be at risk of sun stroke and sunburn. A parasol is ideal for some shade or a portable, lightweight gazebo. Just make sure they are securely fastened with tent pegs.

#5 Take refreshments

There are cafes along some beaches in north Wales, such as along the sandy beach of Colwyn Bay but taking your own refreshments means you can enjoy your time at the beach in comfort. All that sun, sea, sand and relaxation is hard work…

#6 Know your swimming ability (and your children)

Fancy enjoying a swim in the sea? That’s a great idea but you need to be realistic about your swimming abilities. Swimming in the sea is not like swimming in an indoor pool. The sea moves so you’ll be swimming against the waves at some point and it is colder than an indoor pool. Enjoy shorter swims of around 5 or 10 minutes, then have a break. And keep a very close eye on children as they can soon get out of their depth.

#7 Know the tide times…

… and start packing up sooner than you think! At some beaches, the tide doesn’t come straight up the beach, it curves and meanders into the bay and could lead to you being cut off by the tide. Know the time that the tide starts to come in and aim to pack up sooner than you think!

Our coastal cottages are the ideal base for enjoying north Wales, including our beautiful beaches. But stay safe!

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